The Importance of Document Destruction and Schedule Retention

In today’s climate of identity theft, it’s important to dispose of sensitive documents the right way. There are many options for document destruction but having a solution that allows you to monitor what’s going on can save time and money. Partnering with a mobile shredding services company can provide peace of mind and assist your risk management team in ensuring the process is smooth and confidentiality is protected.

Why would a company want to destroy documents? Truthfully, what company wants to keep records they no longer need for years and years? Although there are some requirements of the types of documents you have to keep over a certain period of time, getting rid of them when you can will not only save time and money, but will release you from any liability if your systems are breached. The key is in using the right document destruction methods to ensure you don’t compromise your customer or your organization.

What is Document Destruction Schedule Retention?

Document retention should be a huge part of your data security protocols. It’s important to know the requirements needed for each type of document your organization handles to ensure you comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Having a document schedule retention calendar can alleviate any questions, keep the staff on task, and aid in creating a document destruction timeline that works.

When working with healthcare documents, you may be wondering, “What is a retention schedule in medical records?” This means complying with HIPAA laws on how long a document must be kept, and when they must be properly disposed.

Protecting Both Your Business and Your Customers

When dealing with document destruction and retention, your management strategy is key. In order to fully protect the business and your customers, You must determine whether your process is well organized; your schedule retention policy is up to date; what should be stored and what should be shredded; the costs associated with document storage, retrieval and shredding; and how you will handle each component.

If you do not have a good process in place, it is easy to accumulate documents you no longer need, and incur excessive costs associated with storing those documents. It’s important to work with your legal and compliance teams to make sure all bases are covered. While most companies want to completely digitize their processes, there are some cases where having paper documents around comes in handy. In both scenarios, the costs can be significant depending on the amount of storage and protection needed.

Contact River Mill Data Management

River Mill Data Management specializes in mobile shredding services that help your risk management team verify all documents being destroyed in real time. Many companies have never heard of a document retention schedule that will keep their document management schedule in order. It’s important to work with a partner that understands your business and has solutions in place to make things easier. We can provide retention schedule examples that offer insight and assist in developing a schedule that works for your organization. For more information on the services we offer and how we can help, contact the team at River Mill Data Management today!

Date Posted: May 25, 2020

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