The New Year is Almost Here – Now is a Great Time for On-Site Shredding in Columbus!

Can’t believe it, but the New Year is almost here and now is a great time for end of the year cleaning and on-site shredding in Columbus.  Everyone likes to start out the year with a clean slate.  Don’t let 2012 be any different.  If you are a medical business or law firm or any other business that is required to hold onto large amounts of historical records, the end of 2011 is a great time to do a “document purge” and get rid of any documents or records that no longer need to be kept.

on-site shredding Columbus

Use on-site shredding in Columbus to get organized for 2012.

Once you do your document purge, make sure, though, that you dispose of your document waste properly with on-site shredding in Columbus.  With on-site shredding, they will come to your place of business and shred your important and sensitive documents on site.  One of your employees can even witness the destruction process so that you can completely trust the document destruction was done correctly.

Many businesses already have a standing agreement and schedule with an on-site shredding company, but now is a great time to do a status check on your stored records and see what can be thrown away.  With on-site shredding in Columbus, you can clear the clutter and make sure you’re organized and ready to go for 2012!

Date Posted: December 28, 2011

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