Top 5 Reasons to Scan Your Documents

One of the most effective ways to prevent identity theft is to shred any documents that have identifying information on them – even if it’s just an address. You can take that two steps further by scanning documents as you receive them, then putting the documents in a locked shred box for safekeeping until we can come to pick them up.

If you do scan documents, you must be sure that your computer runs a good firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware software. You should also make two backups of the documents – one on an external hard drive that you keep locked up when not making backups, and one of a very secure cloud server. Or, you could use a document scanning service, such as that offered by Savannah Shredding.

If you are in an industry where you must keep originals, such as a law office, be sure to keep the originals in a locked filing cabinet in a locked file room.

Mobile Shredding Services

Combining mobile shredding services with a document scanning service further increases document security. You’ll not only have a copy of the documents in your office and on a cloud server, but you’ll have a copy of the document on our secure servers. Should something happen, such as a fire or a flood, you could lose the copies on your hardware.

Cloud servers do come with their own problems. If the server is down, you won’t be able to access the document. Or, if the building where the server is housed suffers a fire or flood, you’ll also lose access to your documents. You know how to scan documents to your computer to keep them relatively safe. Your next question is, “Where can I scan documents to ensure that I have a backup of a backup?”

Savannah Shredding can scan your documents prior to shredding them so that you have that extra bit of protection. And since documents cannot be “unshredded” after being shredded by a commercial shredder, it’s better to have scanned copies in at least three different places.

Mobile Shredding Cost

Document scanning services cost and mobile shredding cost depends on the type of services you order and the number of documents you have. You can bring documents to us, we can pick them up and bring them back to our office, or we can leave locked shred boxes with you and shred documents on a schedule.

When you use our scan documents service and document storage service, you can opt to have us shred the documents at the end of their retention period. This works well for the businesses and personal document scanning services we offer.

If you have to retain paper documents, you’ll have less risk of documents getting into the hands of an identity thief if they are stored off-site. Whether you prefer to have us bring paper files to you when you need them or scan the documents, they are easily available to you.

Contact Savannah Shred

Contact Savannah Shred to discuss creating a document management plan that gives you easy access to documents while keeping them safe, and a shredding management plan to help you manage documents that you do have to retain. When you combine off-site storage, scanning, and shredding, your paper documents are more secure than if you were to leave them in a filing cabinet in your office.

Date Posted: January 1, 2021

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